Fifth Avenue Loft


The Fifth Avenue loft is a serendipitous, tranqui loft that enjoys an exceptional view overlooking Central Park. The project consisted of redesigning this 1,000 sqft. New York spec apartment into a live and work loft.

Our design goal was to soften the barriers within the loft. We replaced solid walls with translucent glass and linked the rest of the apartment with visual cues. The bedroom is designed as an extension of the living room, but can be separated from it by means of large sliding glass doors.

Walls surrounding the kitchen have been eliminated with the exception of the one between the kitchen and the bathroom. A colored transparent glass was introduced in this partition to create a play of light.

In the kitchen, white carrera marble drapes over the stainless steel cabinets outlining the island counter that stretches over the entire wall forming a continuous backsplash. An amber colored cast resin wine rack was built into a unmovable column.

The bathroom is lined with french limestone panels. Shallow sandstone sinks neatly project out of the stone wall concealing the laundry room.

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