Park Avenue Loft


The loft occupies 2500 square-feet on the 6th floor of a 12 story Building in Union Square, NYC overlooking Park Avenue. It is located on the south-east corner of the building and the space is flooded with daylight permeating through the large perimeter windows.

The client was very consistent about having a Viking Professional Stove. The existing design of the false columns, low dropped ceilings, and a maze of sprinkler pipes and track lights hanging from the existing ceilings made the space appear smaller. We entirely demolished the whole apartment to use the daylight and the space more efficiently.

The plan is organized around an open kitchen which is central to the Loft. The kitchen is designed as a free standing island with an open ceiling and disengaged from the surrounding structures of the loft. This design allowed the living room to be largely uninterrupted and elevated the sensation of being in a very large space. The location of the kitchen provided the client with the full command of the space and allowed better planning of the living, dining, and sleeping areas as well.

Another key design decision was to allow daylight to penetrate the entire loft. The idea led to the creation of walls surrounded by glass. The two large walls at either end of the living room were composed within a large field of glass, creating a dramatic backdrop that could be used to display paintings or an art object. The glass is acid etched on both faces diffusing the incoming light beautifully and evenly. This also made the maintenance of the glass relatively easy since it prevents the fingerprints on the surface.

Floor to ceiling door frames emphasize the verticality of the space, while providing a simple and minimalist design solution. A special detail is developed to support the tall doors framing directly into the glass walls.

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