67 Park Avenue


The renovation of the apartment focused on opening up the rooms, bringing in as much natural light as possible, and creating an open, clean, efficient space.  Originally two separate units, the apartments were combined to make a larger single residence, affording enough space for an open kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and plenty of common space.

To achieve a more efficient layout and use as much natural light as possibly the layout of the rooms were reorganized by bringing the hallway circulation to the inside, pushing the rooms to the exterior walls with the windows, and raising the ceiling as high as possible.  Upgrades include doubling the size of the living room and the kitchen.  Careful use of glass allows for both privacy in the youngest bedroom and bringing in natural light into the den.  Other features include a custom designed vanity and sunken bathtub in the master bathroom.   Using a simple, clean palette of colors and materials adds greatly in making the apartment feel both more open and much cleaner.

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